Lake Creek Ranch, 619 acres


SIZE: 619 acres

COMMENTS: This ranch is home to some of the largest native whitetail deer in the Texas Hill Country. Hunting is regulated to harvesting a few mature whitetail bucks each year. Other game species include Aoudad, Axis, Sika and a resident Elk herd.

The ranch lies between two mountain ranges on both sides of spring fed Lake Creek. A modern two story 5 BR/3.5 B home over looks a ten to thirteen acre lake stocked with Florida cross bass and Crapie, It is not unusual to catch bass from 4 lbs. to 10 lbs. A crystal clear deep swimming hole provides a great place for family enjoyment. The entire ranch is accessible for hunting and hiking with some of the most beautiful views of the Texas Hill Country. All ranch road are accessible by ATV and off road pickups. All fences are net wire and are in excellent condition.

The 619 acres Landing Strip pasture is games fenced. A 2500 grass landing strip located across the road from the lake.

The landing strip pasture is fertile deep soil with knee high KR Bluestem grass, large Live Oak trees, and native brush. No commercial hunting is allowed in the Landing Strip Pasture.

Water well with submersible pump and pipeline to the ranch home is located near the lake. This portion of the ranch is a fishing and hunting paradise.

The Upper Lake is a long winding fishing hole designed to accommodate several fishermen. The lake is stocked with trophy Florida cross bass.

Knee high KR Bluestem covers the ground. The 219 acres airstrip pasture has wide valley and heavy tree cover. Live oak, cedar guajillo, mountain laurel, sumac, agarita and persimmon can be found on the hill sides and valleys between the mountains. The terrain is ideal for old wise bucks to lay up and hide. Roads are accessible via ATV and off road trucks.

Price: 619 acres $5,500,000 per acre

Minerals: The owner will convey 50% of the executive rights.

NOTE: The Seller makes no representation as to the past, current, or future presence of anthrax, live oak wilt or related diseased on the property, nor any representation of hazardous waste on the property. The seller makes no representation of the quality or quantity of water. The property sells “As Is” without warranty except title. Buyers should use due diligence and obtain answers to any questions they may have about the property.

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