Holman Ranch, 2,342 Acres

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This 2,342 acres ranch is the east portion of 10,342 acres that has been in the same family since 1909.

IMPROVEMENTS: The ranch improvements include three water wells with electric pumps which average about 400 feet in depth and 2 to 3 gpm of good water. An excellent set of pipe livestock pens provides for the convenient working of livestock. All fences are low, are in good to excellent condition, and will contain cattle, horses, sheep and goats. There are no barns or residential improvements but there are numerous locations for scenic homesites. Electric power lines are located at various places around the ranch. The ranch is divided into four main pastures of approximately 707 acres, 458 acres, 593 acres, and 574 acres, all subject to survey. There are no access easements benefitting neighbors through the interior of the ranch.

HABITAT & GAME: The ranch has been well managed and displays boot high native grasses and thick live oak mottes all over the ranch. Patches of oak and mesquite tree cover furnish good places for wild game animals to lay up. Whitetail deer and turkey are the primary game animals found on the ranch, but others include Axis, bobcat, fox, and native small game. With large neighbors and most of the ranch cleared of cedar, the Holman 2,342 Ranch is clearly among the best Western Hill Country livestock and game ranches.

TOPOGRAPHY: The property has rolling type terrain with several miles of ranch roads suitable for two wheel drive vehicles. The excellent cover and moderate elevation changes provides many locations for deer feeder pens and deer blinds.

TERMS: The 2,342 acres is subject to survey. No minerals available. $2,059.64/acre or $4,823,683.55

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