Double B Ranch


In the same family for about 100 years, the Double B Ranch is easily one of the best combination livestock and hunting ranches ever offered for sale in Spectacular Southwest Texas. Located in north-central Edwards County, the ranch exhibits some of the most desirable aspects of the western Hill Country, nearby West Texas, and the southern Edwards Plateau. The flat to gently rolling topography allows easy access for livestock and hunters to every part of the ranch, and the cover provides essential browse and protection for White-tail deer, livestock, and other game.


Edwards County was created in 1858 out of Bexar County and was finally organized in 1883, with Rocksprings established as the county seat in 1891. Indians raiding out of Mexico during this period were especially troublesome to pioneer settlers as this area was a prime hunting ground teeming with deer, turkey and other game. In the national depression of the 1890s, the prices of wool dropped to 5 per pound and cattle to $12 per head. But ranching by then was well enough established that cattle, sheep and especially Angora goats (which produce Mohair) dominated the economy of the area for the next one hundred years. Rocksprings became the center of the national Mohair Industry and still claims the title The Mohair Capital of the World. Only in recent years has the superabundant White-tail deer populations, along with introduced exotic game, allowed hunting to challenge ranching as the dominant industry. One of the current owners of the ranch is a granddaughter of the ranch pioneers who acquired what is now the Double B in 1925. Other descendants of the family continue to own adjacent and other ranches in Edwards County. Most of the Double Bs neighboring ranches are are still owned by descendants of other early ranch families.


Water for livestock and game is supplied by two water wells, one centrally located and another in the north end of the ranch. The south well is a blowing well that blows a strong, cool flow of air from around the wellhead. Both wells are equipped with a solar powered submersible pumps. Water is pumped into large, concrete tanks and gravity flows from there to concrete water troughs for livestock and game. The Rocksprings area is well known for its good quality and abundant well water. The wells are believed to be about 350 to 400 ft deep and are currently in use.


The Double B Ranch has never been leased for commercial hunting, with only family and friends enjoying the game opportunities on the ranch. The abundant game animals include Axis, Whitetail, Rio Grande Turkey, & Blackbuck antelope, to name a few. Other wildlife typical to the area include bobcat, red & black squirrels, jackrabbits, and the occasional coyote. The entire ranch is low fenced, allowing free migration of game animals from the surrounding thousands of acres, so genetic diversity is insured. The expansive, big flat meadows on this ranch provide an ideal habitat for exotic grazing species such as the black buck antelope found on the ranch, while live oak and other brush species provide browse for whitetail and axis deer. More details about the ranchs game habitat is provided in a Game Habitat and Livestock Range Report available from the listing broker.


The Double B has been extremely well managed and expertly operated. All of the cedar and mesquite has been removed leaving well distributed live oak mottes providing shelter for livestock and browse for goats. Grazing is enhanced by numerous big, flat meadows cleared of most trees and brush. These big flats of knee high grasses and other turf are encircled by wide borders of beautiful, mature live oak mottes and other native trees. Aerial photos show a mosaic of wide open expanses separated by ribbons of trees. The ranch is divided into four pastures of similar size. Essentially all of the acreage is grazable because of the gently rolling terrain and the exceptional brush management program. See the maps showing this unique range management program. More details about the ranchs livestock and range potential is provided in a Game Habitat and Livestock Range Report available from Lockhart Real Estate.


The Edwards County Airport is located about five miles south of Rocksprings on Hwy 55, making it about a 15 to 20 minute drive from the Double B Ranch. Rocksprings has several cafes, a super UTV/ATV dealership, a well-supplied Lowes Grocery and Hardware store, and two convenience stores for fuel and sundries (legendary breakfast tacos), while The Historic Rocksprings Hotel, Sorrells Inn, and several B&Bs provide accommodations. Edwards County volunteer EMS is located next to the Sheriffs office in Rocksprings for prompt emergency services. The world famous (among bat enthusiasts) Devils Sinkhole State Natural Area, with an estimated Three Million bats in the Sinkhole Cave, is a seasonal tourist destination which everyone needs to see at least once. Electrical service to the ranch is supplied by Pedernales Electric Co-op and telephone/internet service can be acquired from Southwest Communications, a family owned company headquartered in Rocksprings.


There are no residential improvements on the ranch, but several runs of electricity to old gas well locations provide excellent building sites. It is believed the owner has no minerals to convey, but a prospective buyer should perform due diligence and confirm the mineral status to his or her satisfaction. A mineral title opinion by an attorney or a mineral title report by an oil & gas land man is recommended. There is at least one active oil and gas lease on the property with some current production. Property taxes were less than $1/acre in 2019 under an agricultural use exemption. A new owner can elect to continue livestock operations for that tax benefit or convert to wildlife management for the same tax benefit.


Compared to most other western Hill Country Ranches, almost every square inch of the Double B Ranch is easily accessible, not just by livestock, but for horseback riding, hiking, 4-wheeling and hunting. Its the kind of place you would be comfortable letting older kids and teenagers roam around on. The big, flat meadows open up to half-mile vistas at nearly every turn, sometimes showing a panoramic view of a mile or more.


The entire perimeter of the ranch is fenced and the ranch is divided into four similarly sized pastures: West, South, Middle, and North. Some fences are in fair condition but most are in good to excellent condition and, with typical maintenance, will contain cattle, horses, goats and sheep with no need for replacement fencing at this time. There is an old set of pens at the water well which are not functional. Numerous, typical pasture roads provide 2-wheel drive access to all parts of the ranch. (Map is preliminary and is subject to survey. South boundary fence & part of east to be built.)