Dobbs Ranch


1184 acres, subject to survey


This end of the road ranch has been in the same family for seventy one years. This is the first time the ranch has been for sale in seven decades. The total size of the Dobbs Ranch is 2560 acres. The family ownership proposes to sell the two northwest pastures or approximately one-half of the ranch. However, the ownership might consider selling the entire 2560 acres.

A major cedar clearing project is under way. Three hundred acres of cedar is being cleared. Live Oak, Shin Oak, Blue Oak and Pinion Pines trees are visible on the mountain tops and hill sides where cedar has been removed. This project will enhance wildlife habitat and livestock grazing.


The terrain is basically a combination of rolling hill tops and heavily wooded canyons and limestone ledges. There is rough wooded areas in the canyons for a variety of wild game animals to hide out.

Vegetation includes live oak, pinion pine, mountain laurel, shin oak, kenneykennick, blueberry jumpier and blue oak trees. Grass species includes curly mesquite, love grass, dropseed, KR Bluestem, purple thereon and other species of grass native to the area.


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Several years ago livestock was removed from the ranch to enhance hunting. A year around wildlife feeding program was established after livestock was removed from the ranch. Whitetail deer, sika deer, aoudad, axis, elk and wild hogs are the primary game species that roam through the ranch.


There are two water wells, three large concrete reservoirs and three water troughs. The water well near the entrance to the 1280 acres is about eighty seven deep and is equipped with windmill and submersible pump. The second water well is located on top of a hill near the middle area of the ranch and is equipped with submersible pump. The well is about 360 ft. deep. Pipe lines are laid north and south from this well to reservoirs. Additional water stations could be installed along the pipe lines.


The ranch has minimal improvements. There is a small one room cabin at the entrance to the 1280 acres. Pedernales Electric Cooperative electric line furnishes electricity both water wells and cabin. Numerous ranch roads provide ATV riding enjoyment to good hunting areas. Fences are low net wire and are in fair condition.

The new owner will have to opportunity to improve the ranch to suit their needs without buying high priced unwanted improvements.


The Seller will furnish a new survey and an Owners Policy of Title Insurance. The Seller will furnish a road easement from the end of CR 325 to two 1280 acres pastures.

If the Seller does not sell the entire 2560 acres the owner will reserve an interest in both water wells and will pay their share of electricity and maintenance. If the owners do not sell the entire 2560 acres they will need to reserve a road easement to the back pasture of their ranch.




$2,000 per acre cash


All dry creeks, draws, arroyos, ditches, low lying areas, and other actual and potential watercourses are prone to flooding during periods of sufficient rainfall. Buyers are directed to FEMA Flood Map Service Center for more information. The Seller makes no representation or warranty as to the quantity or quality of underground water or presence of hazard waste on the property, past or future presence of anthrax on the property or the past, present or future presence of oak wilt or related disease on the property. The property sell as is with no representation expressed or implied as to accuracy thereof and is submitted to changes, errors and omissions without notice. All prospective buyer should use due diligence and find answers to any questions they may have about the property