White Coyote Ranch

Uvalde County


665 Acres


White Coyote ranch lies along the north boundary of US Highway 90 fifteen miles west of Uvalde. The ranch fronts US Highway 90 for 1.6 miles.


Ten water troughs are placed throughout the ranch. Wild game animals and livestock need to travel only a short distance for water.


A remodeled ranch home is located near the front entrance to the ranch. The home has 3 BR, 2B, with additional area for bunk beds, living room with fire place, dining room and kitchen. Behind the house is another building suitable for storage area. The original corrals and barn are located west of the ranch house. A new rock entrance with electric gate provides easy access to the ranch. A large rock storage reservoir suitable for a swimming pool lies in front of the ranch house.


Five new hunting blinds, five protein feeders, and five corn spin feeders are located at good hunting spots. Water troughs are situated near each feed area. Whitetail deer, bobwhite, blue quail, wild turkey and dove provide good hunting opportunities. All of the ranch is accessible via good two drive vehicles.


The land is flat with slight elevations. Soil on the ranch is deep fertile type soils covered with boot high native grass, and rich high protein South Texas types of brush. Large live oak trees, guajillo, persimmon, white brush and other native brush provide good cover and food for game animals.


The ranch is only a fifteen minute drive from Uvalde and has the possibilities for development into small ranchettes. The ranch is enclosed with a combination of low fences and high fence. Fences appear to be in good condition.


The owner does not own any mineral interest. The owner owns one-half of the executive rights. There has not been any mineral exploration in the area and no history of mineral activity.


$2,900 with Ag. Valuation.


$2,700 per acre.

Note: The Seller makes no representation as to the past, current or future presence of anthrax or live oak wilt or related diseases on the property, no representation as to the quantity or quality of water or groundwater on the property, nor any representation as to the presence of endangered species or hazardous waste on the property. The property sells “As Is” without warranty except title. Buyers should use due diligence and obtain answers to any questions they may have about the property.