SOLD Bryan Ranch

Bryan Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 322
Price: $2,150 per acre
Location: Edwards County

The Bryan Ranch is conveniently located about 5.2 miles north of Barksdale, Texas, in the spectacular Nueces Canyon of the Western Hill Country of Texas. The ranch is about 23 miles south of Rocksprings and about 50 miles north of Uvalde with access directly from east side of State Highway 55.

SOLD Williams Ranch

Williams Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 856
Price: $2,500 per acre
Location: Zavala County

The ranch is centrally located in southeast Zavala County with highway frontage on FM Road 1025 sixteen miles southwest of Batesville and sixteen miles northeast of Crystal City. This places the ranch in the north end of the Golden Triangle of South Texas White-tail hunting.

SOLD Richey Ranch

Richey Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 91.55
Price: $1,300,000
Location: Blanco County

The property is located at Johnson City between Fredericksburg and Austin. This tract of ranch land is one of the most desirable development tracts of land along US Highway #290.

SOLD Psalm XXIII Ranch

Psalm XXIII Ranch Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 2,434
Price: $1,650 per acre
Location: Edwards County

The Psalm XXIII Ranch is 2,434 acres of some of the most beautiful land in the Texas Hill Country. Located approximately 18 miles southwest of Rocksprings, Texas on the west side of Highway 674 with over four miles of highway frontage.

SOLD Sweeten Ranch

Sweeten Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 128
Price: $3,500 per acre
Location: Real County

This old time family ranch lies along the east side of State Highway 55 one and one-half miles north of Camp Wood.

SOLD Poquito Grande Ranch

Poquito Grande Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 874.47 Acres
Location: Kinney County

The ranch is located 16.3 miles north of Brackettville, Texas and 4.1 miles West of RR 674. Access to the ranch is an easement road from RR 674 to the ranch. The easement road is fenced and access is insured by an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance.

OFF MARKETTom Williams Ranch

Tom Williams Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 48.86
Price: $450,000
Location: Edwards County

It is very seldom that a part of an old family ranch without restrictive covenants is for sale in this part of the hill country. The property is surrounded by old time family ranches that have been owned by the same families for more than a century.

SOLD Sutherland's Shoe Peg Mountain Ranch

Shoe Peg Mountain Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 191
Price: $2,252 per acre
Location: Uvalde County

Sutherland’s Shoe Peg Mountain Ranch is centrally located between Camp Wood and Uvalde. The ranch is four miles south of Camp Wood or thirty three miles north of Uvalde and lies along the west side of State Highway 55.

SOLD Morgan Ranch Back to Top

Morgan Ranch

Approx. Acreage:1,239 Acres
Price: $1,250 per acre
Location: Edwards County

Located in the unique transition zone between the Texas Hill Country and South Texas. The ranch is located approximately 19 miles SW of Rocksprings with highway frontage on FM 674. The east boundary of the ranch fronts FM 674 for approximately 14,000 ft.

SOLDLoose Rock Ranch Back to Top

Loose Rock Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 1036.84
Price: $1,600 per acre
Location: Kinney County

The Loose Rock Ranch is located eight miles west of the rural community of Montell. Four miles of the road is paved county road. The west four miles of the road is an easement road constructed with caliche, crushed limestone, and pavement “up the hill”. The ranch is centrally located, one hundred ten miles northwest of San Antonio, and about thirty five miles north of Uvalde.

SOLD Buffalo Nickel Ranch Back to Top

Buffalo Nickel Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 351.94 Acres
Price: $2,470,000
Location: Uvalde County

The highlight of the ranch is one-half mile of Nueces River front. The river depth varies from shallow water to deep blue swimming holes. The river flows over limestone rock bottom that reflects a turquoise color. It is not unusual to see catfish, bass and perch swimming along the river. From the high bluff on the southeast corner the view of the river is a sight to remember.

SOLDFalling Waters Ranch Back to Top

Falling Waters Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 4,661.26
Price: Varies
Location: Uvalde County

This unique hill country water ranch is located 25 miles north of Uvalde. The ranch lies seven miles west of the rural community of Montell and is accessed by five miles of paved county road and approximately two miles of caliche based county road.

SOLD Cline Ranch Back to Top

Cline Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 10,000
Price:$1,395 per acre
Location: Uvalde County/Kinney County

This old historic ranch has been in the same family for over 100 years and is for sale for the first time since the family has owned the property. The ranch lies north of the old military road connecting Fort Clark at Brackettville with Fort Inge located a few miles south of Uvalde.

SOLDAgua Dulce Back to Top

Agua Dulce Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 4,286 Acres
Price:$1,460 per acre
Location: Kinney County

The ranch is centrally located between Brackettville and Laguna. The ranch lies along the south side of FM 334 twelve miles east of Brackettville.

SOLD JN Ranch Back to Top

JN Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 1,069 Acres
Price:$1,950,000 or $1824 per Acre
Location: Edwards County

The ranch is located approximately 17.5 miles southwest of Rocksprings. To reach the ranch take Highway 674 from Rocksprings for about 16.2 miles, turn right on County Road 550 for 1.3 miles, cross cattle guard and proceed to JN Ranch entrance.

SOLD Evans Ranch Back to Top

Evans Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 60
Price: $3,000 per acre
Location: Edwards County

The property borders the north end of the quaint little township of Barksdale. Barksdale is the last settlement in the upper Nueces River Basin and is the jumping off place to one of five most desirable motorcycle routes in the world. The triangular shape and the proximity of the property lend itself to commercial development.

SOLD3 Mile Ranch Back to Top

3 Mile Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 3,525
Price: $2,836.88 per acre
Location: Zavala County

The 3 Mile Ranch is located in Northeastern Zavala County between Uvalde and La Pryor. The crystal clear Nueces River flows along the western boundary of the ranch for three miles. This property is an excellent combination hunting and livestock ranch.

SOLD Sundowner Ranch Back to Top

Sundowner Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 2,367
Price: $2,000 per acre
Location: Real County

The Sundowner Ranch is located in a remote, yet easily accessible area of the Texas Hill Country, with highway frontage along the west and east boundaries of the property. The ranch is located 11 miles north of the quaint community of Barksdale, 15 miles north of Camp Wood, 55 miles north of Uvalde, and 125 miles northwest of San Antonio.

SOLD Panther Canyon Back to Top

Panther Canyon Ranch

Approx. Acreage: 3,838
Price: $1,695 per acre
Location: Edwards County

This unique 3,838 acres ranch is offered for sale as nine separate ranches varying in size from 230 acres to 1,040 acres. The various ranches may be combined to accommodate a buyer’s desired size ranch.

SOLDSilverhorn Ranch Back to Top

Silverhorn  Ranch

Approx. Acreage: Varies
Price: $1,395 per acre
Location: Edwards County

The Silverhorn Ranch is located about 23 miles southwest of Rocksprings on the southern tip of the Edwards Plateau between the Nueces water shed and the West Prong water shed area. The ranch is remote, quiet and peaceful and is surrounded by large ranches.