Double Nickel Ranch

Zavala County, Texas (with a small parcel in Maverick County)


4289.99 Acres

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• 23 miles +/- NW of Crystal City
• 55 miles +/- SW of Uvalde
• 115 miles +/- SW of San Antonio
• From Crystal City take Hwy 393 about twelve miles and turnoff on Hwy 2961
• Continue on 2961 to end of pavement and proceed down gravel county road one mile to Double Nickel Ranch Gate

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The headquarters is accessed via a well designed and constructed asphalt paved road about two miles from the front gate. Asphalt and concrete driveways and aprons around the Main House, Lodge and Equipment Barn provide ample, convenient, all-weather parking for large groups. All the rooms in the Main House, Guest House and Lodge are finished with flooring, ceilings, window coverings and other details of a quality found in luxury class homes.

MAIN HOME: 5000+ sq ft 5 Bedroom/5 Bath

GUEST HOUSE: 3 Bedroom/3 Bath

LODGE: 8 Bedrooms can accommodate 34 guests with Commercial Kitchen and Chef's Quarters


ADDITIONAL FACILITIES: 4 Bay Barn • 16,000 sq ft Shop & Equipment Barn • Shooting Range • Grain Bins • Foreman's House • Hunting Guides Living Quarters • Storage Tanks • Dog Kennel

FENCING: Except for one low-fenced boundary with a huge neighboring ranch, the entire Double Nickel Ranch is enclosed by game-proof fencing in good or better condition. One corner of the ranch has a high-fenced trap of about 400 acres which could be used to trap or release game.

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Primary game species include Whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, Dove, and Bobwhite and Blue Quail. Additionally, Waterfowl, Feral Hogs, Grey Fox, Raccoon, Coyote, and Bobcat are found on the Ranch.

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The game fenced Double Nickel Ranch is currently under a Level 3 MLD Permit allotted 60 Bucks and 60 Does.

Harvest within the 2019-2020 hunting season included 57 Bucks & Culls and 42 Does. Aerial survey 2/10/20 included 66 Bucks, 56 Does, 49 Fawns.

Harvest within the 2018-2019 hunting season included 55 Bucks & Culls and 59 Does. Aerial survey 2/19/19 included 122 Bucks & Culls, 97 Does, 81 Fawns.

Harvest within the 2016-2017 hunting season included 56 Does and 35 Bucks (all categorized as management bucks).Aerial survey results (2016) Whitetail deer density is 11 acres per adult deer with a sex ratio of 1:1. No known introductions of Whitetail Deer have been made to the ranch.

The Double Nickel Ranch offers a great foundation for native wildlife in this Southern region of Texas. The ranch contains diverse plant communities creating excellent year round nutrition for the native wildlife. Additionally, cover is found in an arrangement of scattered open areas within denser areas of brush. These attributes, combined with great water availability and distribution, gives the Double Nickel Ranch the potential to be a premiere South Texas native wildlife producing property.

• All deer on ranch under current owner, and as far back as information is available, are indigenous to the ranch - no known imported deer
• 22 elevated round deer blinds
• 4 executive blinds
• Numerous standard ground blinds
• 18 protein feeders (most 400 lb) and numerous deer electric feeders
• 1 fish feeder
• Covered and concrete floored 3 station electric hoists deer cleaning station with large, clean cooler

Blues and bobwhites provide excellent quail hunting, with cleared quail runs supplied with quail feeders at various locations around the ranch. Dog kennels and a multi-cage dog rig provide the facilities and equipment to put on really first class quail hunts.

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The Double Nickel Ranch lies within the South Texas Plains ecoregion. This area is characterized by rolling brush covered terrain and is situated at the northern edge of the 'Golden Triangle' of Texas Whitetail hunting. Elevation of the ranch ranges between 620 ft. on the southeast side and 701 ft. near the western boundary. The ranch is dissected by intermittent Chacon Creek that drains southeast towards the Nueces River

Vegetation of the ranch consists of species common to the South Texas Plains region. Blackbrush, Guajillo, Mesquite, Lotebush, Elbowbush, Hogplum, Texas Persimmon, Whitebrush, Granjeno, Wolfberry, Prickly pear, Guayacan, Brasil, Tasajillo, Kidney wood, Cenizo, Little Leaf Sumac, Blue Sage, Desert Yaupon, and Paloverde are common brush species found in the majority of the ranch plant communities. Species found along Chacon Creek, and tanks include Huisache, Hackberry, Cedar Elm, Buttonbush, and Black willow. Larger tree species provide roost sites for turkey. Grass cover in this area comonly consists of Curly mesquite, Texas winter grass, three awn species, Pink pappus grass, Plains bristlegrass, Texas grama, Red grama, Sand dropseed, False rhodesgrass, Tanglehead, and Hooded windmill grass. Some areas have been cleared of brush, in strip and block patterns, thus creating areas of nutritionally rich and better available deer forage. These cleared areas also provide improved habitat, and better hunting access, for quail.

Water is supplied to wildlife via 24 tanks that are adequately distributed throughout the ranch. 12 of these tanks provide perennial water. Water density is approximately 175 acres per water tank. Chacon creek can be diverted into Mile Long Tank during times of runoff. 4 irrigation wells, and 2 wells with submersible pumps provide water to troughs, and as a source of water for food plots. Some tanks are equipped with pumps to irrigate food plots. Some of these food plots provide great dove hunting.

Additionally, there are 7 wells with non-working windmills that could be setup for additional water. The ranch lies over the Carrizo Aquifer. It is believed there is an abundance of water 250'-300' deep.

Click here to see full Habitat Report.

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Terrain is typical South Texas flatlands with occasional hillocks and shallow gullies and three larger draws including Chacon Creek, a wet weather but important rainwater catchment. Concrete crossings provide wet weather access across some of the gullies.

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The ranch's twenty-five ponds are discussed in detail in the hunting comments. Well water includes eleven wells equipped with windmills which are currently inactive due to the abundant pond water, four irrigation wells, two other water wells equipped with submersible pumps and three others not in use. Some of the ponds have irrigation pumps to provide additional water for crops. Six food plots range in size from about 20 acres to 60 acres. There are three, portable irrigation pivots that serve about 25 acres each. Milo was planted in 2016. There is an industrial electricity generator, set up as a private power plant, that provides electricity to some of the irrigation pivots.

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To state the obvious, this is a world class, turn-key South Texas hunting ranch. Hunting television shows and world class athletes have been guests at this ranch.

The ranch is currently under a hunting lease. The lease may be terminated prior to the upcoming hunting season depending on the date of the closing of the sale. There are no other surface leases and no through access easements to any neighbor. Rio Grande Electric Co-op and the phone company provide the ranch with utilities. Seller may request that a buyer cooperate in a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange transaction upon closing involving no cost to Buyer and no delay of closing. Certain farm and ranch equipment may be available at prices to be negotiated. The ranch sells turn-key with home and most lodge furnishings, all deer blinds and all deer feeders. Shown by appointment only.

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Seller believes he owns 1/16 of the minerals without any executive rights and proposes to keep all minerals owned. There is currently no active mineral lease on the ranch and little oil and gas activity in this area of Zavala County, which is north of the recent, active oil and gas activity.

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Property taxes are based on Ag Value and Wildlife Management and run about $8 per acre

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$2,995 per acre. Cash is preferred, but the owner will consider owner finance.

The owner will sell the South 2,000 +/- acres Turn-Key with the headquarter compound. Mostfurnishings except dining room furniture is included. Two food plots with pivot irrigation, numerous ponds, water wells, game feeders, hunting blinds and other amenities are included.
PRICE: $13,500,000

Allen Ray Moody
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