Double Knob Mountain Ranch

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822 Acres

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Uvalde County. The Double Knob Mountain Ranch is located about five miles east of Hwy 55 and about 15 miles north of Uvalde. The ranch is accessed by two insurable easements and a permissive route a very short distance across a neighbor from a county road.

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This transition zone ranch lies between the South Texas Plains and the Edwards Plateau, a blending of ecoregions which provides a unique diversity of plant species and creates good habitat for whitetail deer. Other wildlife species on the ranch include Rio Grande turkey, feral hogs, dove, quail, and a variety of predators and small game. Plant species on the ranch that are highly preferred by whitetail deer include: Texas kidneywood, Shinoak, Hackberry, and Southwest bernardia. Other plant species include Pinyon Pine, Blackbrush, Guajillo, Mountain laurel, Agarita, Evergreen sumac, Hogplum, Cenizo, Wafer Ash, Chittamwood, Whitebrush, and Black Dalia. These species of browse, plus a heavy cover of live oak, blue oak, cedar and other trees and brush combine with the diverse topography to allow for more hunting blind/feeder setup locations than most ranches this size.

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Other than two water wells and an 18’x32’ cabin, the ranch is undeveloped, so a buyer would not be paying for someone else's improvements. There are some old overgrown pasture roads cut through the valleys, around the base of the hills and over the top which could re-cleared and provide good access to different parts of the ranch. The four-wheel drive road up to the top of the main mountain is slow-going, but provides numerous incredible views as well as access to several high lookout points to set up deer blinds.

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The two water wells are equipped with submersible pumps and are located on opposite sides of the ranch to provide water for game on both sides of the ranch.

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The main feature of the ranch is the huge Double Knob hills that cut through the interior and create two distinct valleys on each side. This gives the 822 acres the feel of a much larger place. Elevation varies on the ranch from about 1365 ft, along the southeast boundary to 1932 ft at the top of one of the Double Knobs.

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Double Knob has some large neighbors: South side neighbor of about 3,000 acres and a Northwest side neighbor of about 4,500 acres. All boundaries are fenced and a portion of the north and west perimeter fence is deer proof. All the fundamentals are here: location, cover, water and topography. This is a hunting ranch looking for an owner with the vision and desire to create something really special.

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Seller believes he owns about 50% of the minerals and will reserve 75% of the minerals owned.

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Property taxes are based on Ag Value and run about $3,200 per year.

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$1700.00 per acre.